Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Joys of being a Realtor

Many people get into the real estate business thinking that it's easy money.  The concept other people have of realtors is that they make a lot of money and that it comes easy.  Oh My Gosh!!!! What a misconception??? - On both sides.

First of all, like any career, you have to work at it, and I Mean Really Work At It.  And if you worked for someone else before you got into Real Estate, it is definitely a huge adjustment.  Hence the reason so many people leave the business before their being more than two years in the business. 

Second of all, you have to love working with people.  If you are not a people person and genuinely love  people, forget about it.  This is not the career for you.

Thirdly, if you are just looking out for Your interests, clients will see through you and drop you like a hot plate.   Even though you are looking out for the clients' interests, some of them still drop you like a hot plate.

Fourthly, if you are thinking of doing it part-time, FORGET IT!!!  You CAN'T do real estate part-time.  You will never be successful.  It is just the name of the game. 

It can be a disappointing and frustrating business if you don't develop a thick skin.  And fast!!! Otherwise, you will be one of those who left the business before giving yourself a chance to start being successful. 

And the thought of working in Real Estate should make you excited to wake up each day and go to work.  If it does not, DON'T DO IT!!!!


Radha Diaram (Sales Representative)
Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc.

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