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Monday, 4 March 2013

The Joys Of Having A Pet

I've had my beautiful dog Sammy for almost 10 years now.  When I got him, he was only 5 years.  I can't believe he is almost fifteen (15) years old.  Still up and running and in great shape.  He is a bit deaf now, which I only realized about 6 months ago. 

The joys which a pet brings to our lives can only be understood by another pet owner.  Too many people think having a pet robs them of their time and freedom. If you believe that, don't have one.  You are not ready.  It actually gives us a better temperament and makes us into more peaceful and kinder people.  All pet owners know what I am saying and feeling. 

Sammy is my ten pound pom-a-poo.  He loves me with a passion and like most pets, is always ecstatic when I get home.  He follows me around everywhere and understands my every conversation I have with him.  He is indeed a smart dog, and I love him completely.  He drives my husband crazy sometimes, but I know my husband loves him dearly too. 

That's another thing with pets - they always favour one member of the family the most. 

When we decide to get a pet, we have to find the right one for us.  Some people are 'cat people', others would prefer a dog or hamster or fish.  Make sure you are committed to take great care of that animal.  You are being entrusted with the welfare of a life.  Don't depend on anyone else to care for your pet.  You are the one who wants to have a pet, not necessarily anyone else in your household.  If you are not that committed, you are definite not ready.  Hold off until you are.

Have fun with your pets.  They are there to enjoy and love and life is always better with them.  They become a member of the family and and will love you unconditionally.  Oh!!!! The joys of having a pet.

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