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Monday, 17 March 2014

Motivational Mondays

Hello Everyone, Today I am starting a Motivational Corner with the hope to help others start off their week full of energy and exuberance.  Here is the Quote of the Week:
If  You  Wish  To  Accomplish  Something,  You  Must  First Expect  It  Of  Yourself !!!!

I strongly believe that if you have the passion to accomplish something, you must first believe that you can do, in order to see it materialize in your life.  Trust Yourself to DO IT.

Tune in next week for some more Motivating....See you next week !!!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Joys of being a Realtor

Many people get into the real estate business thinking that it's easy money.  The concept other people have of realtors is that they make a lot of money and that it comes easy.  Oh My Gosh!!!! What a misconception??? - On both sides.

First of all, like any career, you have to work at it, and I Mean Really Work At It.  And if you worked for someone else before you got into Real Estate, it is definitely a huge adjustment.  Hence the reason so many people leave the business before their being more than two years in the business. 

Second of all, you have to love working with people.  If you are not a people person and genuinely love  people, forget about it.  This is not the career for you.

Thirdly, if you are just looking out for Your interests, clients will see through you and drop you like a hot plate.   Even though you are looking out for the clients' interests, some of them still drop you like a hot plate.

Fourthly, if you are thinking of doing it part-time, FORGET IT!!!  You CAN'T do real estate part-time.  You will never be successful.  It is just the name of the game. 

It can be a disappointing and frustrating business if you don't develop a thick skin.  And fast!!! Otherwise, you will be one of those who left the business before giving yourself a chance to start being successful. 

And the thought of working in Real Estate should make you excited to wake up each day and go to work.  If it does not, DON'T DO IT!!!!


Radha Diaram (Sales Representative)
Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Designing Your Destiny

As many of you may know, I love motivating others.  I strongly believe that life is meant to be shared and enjoyed with those you love and for me, I learn something new from everyone I meet, therefore, I feel happy to also let those I come across learn something from me.

Many of us go through life satisfied with just being ordinary.  I'm not putting down ordinary, but so many of us do not realize that we have the potential to be extraordinary.  We have the ability to hold destiny in our own hands and create for ourselves what we strongly desire to have in our lives.

What keeps us back??  Fear!!

It's the fear of not being successful, or not believing in ourselves which keep us from achieving the things we seek.   The fear of not having enough love, money, health, happiness or whatever you desire.  Instead of going with the natural flow of the Universe, we go against it.  We fight the very goodness that is in front of us.  If only we would calm ourselves and let the Universe take us on our natural journey, then we will start to understand that we are getting closer to what our hearts desire.  Only then, we can start choosing which avenues to take and which to leave behind.

When we understand that we can design our own future, then we stop fighting and leave everything up to the Universe.  Silence is a very powerful thing.  Start spending time with yourself.  Develop this as part of your daily routine.  Sit every day and relax your body and mind and you will realize that pretty soon you will start connecting with the Universe on an entirely different level.  As time goes by you will see that your wisdom and insight start expanding and you discover new ways and means to realize your dreams. 

Speak to the Universe and ask for what you want.  Then believe that He will bring it to you and just get ready to receive it.  As sure as the sun rises each day and sets, your dreams will start coming true.  Miracles happen every day.  You just have to believe.  Start living your life as though your already have achieved everything you desire and you will be amazed by the outcome.  Feel the joy of already having it and everyday will be a miraculous one.

Love your life and be grateful for everything you have been blessed with.  Forget what dissatisfaction means.  Just enjoy every moment to its fullest.  Wake up every day with the enthusiasm of discovering the miracles of living and miracles will start coming to you. 

Start feeling the joys of just being alive and well and greater joy and happiness will start coming your way. 

So......Start Designing Your Own Destiny!!!  It will blow you greater love....greater happiness....greater harmony.


Radha Diaram (Sales Representative)
Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc.
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Orangeville  ON L9W 3J8
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Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy Day!!!!

Today is my 'Happy' Day.  A few days ago, a friend of mine got on my case for not being happy.  He said something to me that I already knew all along, but was not paying much attention to - You are the only one who can make yourself happy, Radha!!!!  So true.  We get so bogged down with daily living that we forget to be excited about just being alive and well.  We expect others to create that happines for us.  My friends, no one can do that for us.  We are in control, not just of our happiness, but our lives. 

Since then, I wake up each day, excited just to see the miracles that the day brings us.  And believe me, there are lots.

So make a concerted effort to be truly happy today.  Sit quietly for just a few minutes and enjoy your blessings.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Joys Of Having A Pet

I've had my beautiful dog Sammy for almost 10 years now.  When I got him, he was only 5 years.  I can't believe he is almost fifteen (15) years old.  Still up and running and in great shape.  He is a bit deaf now, which I only realized about 6 months ago. 

The joys which a pet brings to our lives can only be understood by another pet owner.  Too many people think having a pet robs them of their time and freedom. If you believe that, don't have one.  You are not ready.  It actually gives us a better temperament and makes us into more peaceful and kinder people.  All pet owners know what I am saying and feeling. 

Sammy is my ten pound pom-a-poo.  He loves me with a passion and like most pets, is always ecstatic when I get home.  He follows me around everywhere and understands my every conversation I have with him.  He is indeed a smart dog, and I love him completely.  He drives my husband crazy sometimes, but I know my husband loves him dearly too. 

That's another thing with pets - they always favour one member of the family the most. 

When we decide to get a pet, we have to find the right one for us.  Some people are 'cat people', others would prefer a dog or hamster or fish.  Make sure you are committed to take great care of that animal.  You are being entrusted with the welfare of a life.  Don't depend on anyone else to care for your pet.  You are the one who wants to have a pet, not necessarily anyone else in your household.  If you are not that committed, you are definite not ready.  Hold off until you are.

Have fun with your pets.  They are there to enjoy and love and life is always better with them.  They become a member of the family and and will love you unconditionally.  Oh!!!! The joys of having a pet.

Monday, 25 February 2013

10 Things I Am Grateful For In My Life

Being grateful every day is an invigorating feeling.  There are thousands of things which we have in our lives that are missing in other peoples'.  Here are 10 things I am Super Grateful For:

1)   Waking up Perfectly Healthy

2)   Having use of All My Senses - Being able to see, hear, smell, taste, talk, walk, laugh, cry,
         experience so many different emotions

3)   Abundance of love, family and friends

4)   Abundance of food, clothing, shelter, warmth

5)   Amazing husband who loves me dearly and whom I love dearly

6)   My Intelligence, Insight, Wisdom and Knowledge

7)   A Job and Career to go to each day

8)   My ability to genuinely love and care for people and animals

9)   God has Blessed me with the ability to motivate and encourage people

10) My Ability to Love Myself which allows me to love others easily

Let us make this day one of feeling grateful.  Let's make it a Super Happy Day for ourselves and those around us.  May you all have a wonderful day today and let it rub off on everyone we come into contact with.


Radha Diaram
Re/max Real Estate Centre Inc.
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spring Into Action - Now is the time To Sell

When it comes to selling in spring, many Sellers are reluctant to make the first move. Whether they're holding off to see how well the market is moving or being meticulous in preparing their house for sale, many seem to put the 'For Sale' sign up at the end of spring rather than the beginning.

Perhaps the main reason for trying to sell is that there is less competition from other Sellers.  With fewer properties to choose from, buyers are often keener, and tend to overlook negative aspects of a house, than if there is a lot of choice.

Uusally the best time to put your property on the market,  is when you have the least amount of competition.  Many people who sell during spring also want to buy then. To do both, they should be selling as soon as possible so they can also become buyers later in the season.

 Spring might be a time when sellers get inspired because the weather is warmer, the garden is greener and the house less damp. But it's also when buyers shrug off the gloom of winter and start thinking about a new house.

 If you want to sell this spring,  it is not too late. But you need to act quickly: tidy the garden; consider repainting, or at least give your home a good cleaning; and get rid of excess furniture and odds and ends. 

Vendors who come to the market fairly early in spring actually do pretty well because they tend to get the most motivated buyers. And because buyers in early spring are keen, many early offers on houses are often good ones.

In Canada, the Spring Market has arrived.  Sellers, don't waste time in getting your house on the market.  Now is indeed the Right Time.

Don't hesitate to contact me for a free!!!!!


Radha Diaram
Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc.
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